School Absenteeism increasing due to fluctuating weather conditions

The weather changes at Nagpur is really driving everyone crazy. The rise and fall of temperature and unpredictable rains is making nagpurians sick. The childrens are suffering a lot because it is quite common to catch a cold due to weather changes. Childrens are also catching Flu. The school timings are same as before and the mornings are colder which is the reason behind increased number of sick childs.

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Unexpected showers keeping the city cool

Nagpur is hottest in the month of April and May. But in 2012 the April season has started with showers of rain, so the temperature has not rose beyond acceptable limits and meteorological department predicts the temperature to be at 40 degrees centigrade or below that. Thanks to the moisture laden winds that brought relief to nagpurians.

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Cold waves keeping Nagpur city temperature down

A good news for Nagpurians that the temperature this month will not rise beyond 40 degree centigrade. The temperature changes have been caused by Northern westerly winds. The temperature during day time is 40 degree centigrade but it falls drastically at night, especially in the morning before sunrise.

These temperature changes can make a person more prone to diseases. Nagpurians need to save themselves from changes in weather to stay healthy.

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ICI, Nagpur organizing conference on Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Global Developers, FIBCON 2012 from 13th to 14th February 2012

Indian Concrete Institute (ICI), Nagpur centre is organizing conference on Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Global Developers, FIBCON 2012.

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Sun God taking rest this new year 2012

From 31st December 2011 the sun is hardly visible. It was raining on 31st night and nagpurians drenched themselves in rains while enjoying the new year party. On 1st January 2012 Nagpur experienced showers and it rained heavily in the night.

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Winters are getting colder this December at Nagpur

Wednesday recorded its lowest minimum temperature of the season at 11.6 Degree Celsius. The meteorological department has predicted further dip in temperature after which it will rise again.

The weather is chilling as Christmas and New Year is approaching. The buzzword is either kill the chill and move out or stay indoors and be warm.

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