Residents demand traffic signal at Dindayal Nagar Square

Residents of Dindayal Nagar have applied to NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) for installation of traffic signal on the square. According to them the growing traffic on the square has added to their woes and the pedestrians find difficulty crossing the road. The near by residents find difficulty in walking on the road in the evening and on weekends when traffic is maximum.

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Drive at 35 KM/Hour and get all 14 signals green from Kamptee road to Wardha road at Nagpur

In order to reduce vehicle congestion on high traffic roads like Automotive Chowk on Kamptee Road to Pride Hotel T-point on Wardha Road, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has come up with the innovative idea of turning all signals green if a person drives at the speed of 35 KM/Hour. If a person drives fast he will reach the signal early and find it red.

Old signals lacks synchronization and hence causes piling up of traffic. NMC is trying to replace all old signals into new led based signals as it consumes less electricity and the installation cost is low.

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Drunken police driver collides with a car

A drunken driver of police department collided with a waiting car at the traffic signal.

It is a difficult situation when rule makers become rule breakers and do such act. Drunken driving is banned and on the new year eve those who were caught had to pay a good penalty. The rules are only for the common man not the police department, such acts of negligence shown by them shows how easily they make rules and break them to give a clean chit to what ever they are doing.

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