Kasturchand Park becoming heart of all commercial activites

Kasturchand Park which was previously used by general public for playing and walking has been converted into a full commercial space. After receiving criticism from all quarters government decided that only one fourth of the ground will be used for commercial utility and that a sum will also be allotted for its beautification so that the age old heritage is restored. But the present state of Kasturchand Park has a different story to share.

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Anti encroachment drive for commercial establishments

We have already heard of Nagpur Municipal Corporation anti encroachment drive to clean footpaths and roads to provide space for parking and walking. Now the demolition drive is against commercial establishments which have extended illegally in to public places and have extended their shop beyond limits by constructing shed and walls. The anti encroachment drive is supervised by civic chief Sanjeev Jaiswal and Police chief Ankush Dhanvijay. The walls and sheds will be removed and stern action will be taken against encroachers so that they do not encroach the land again.

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Walkathon 2012 Nagpur

Walkathon is being conducted on 22nd January 2012 by Rotary Club of Nagpur. Thousands of citizens participate in the event. The objective of the event is to make people aware about the benefits of walking. There are three categories of walk. The 3km, 6 km and 9 km walk. Apart from that it also has senior citizen walk and special citizen’s walk where specially-abled children participate in the walk.
The timing of the event is morning 7:00 AM till 10:00 AM.

Date: 22 Jan 2012
Time: 7 AM

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