Bhrushundi Ganpati – Mendha, Bhandara

Bhrushundi Ganpati – Mendha, Bhandara

Mendha is a small village, 2 km from Bhandara, where one of the Ashta-Vinayaks of Vidarbha, known as Bhrushundi Ganpati is located. Legend has it that one of the ardent devotees of Lord Ganesh got converted into a statue of the Lord himself. Bhandara is 65 KM away from Nagpur on Nagpur –Raipur highway. It is situated on the bank of Vainganga River.

It is the unique example in the world how a devotee gets converted into God. It is very pleasent to visit. It is the story here that one who visits here would gets all the powers.

There is talao known as Mendha Talao. There was a huge Banyan tree at this place and Ashram of Brushund Rishi was below the tree. The broad forehead, Dhyan mudra, moustache and beard is seen clearly. The idol of Lord Ganesha with 8 feet high and 4 feet broad carved on red stone. There is an idol of Lord Hanuman and Shiva in the temple premises. The president and trusty of the temple is Vihwarao Joshi. His ancestor was Nilambhat.

Founder of Mahanubhav Panth, Shri Chakradhar Swami, had visited this place in 1144 AD and in those days Nilambhat was the priest. A reference about the temple is also seen in Leelacharitra edited by Dr V.B. Kolte.


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Ancient History

The ancient story of the temple is very interesting. It is mentioned in the book Ganesh Puran on page number 57 and 58. Aa per Ganesh Puran “There was a town named Dandakaranyanand in Vidarbha dynasty. The town was surrounded with dense forest. A thief named Dwiwar who used to snatch jewellary from people travelling from forest. The trouble of Dwiwar was on rise.One day he went to the lake called Ganesh Teertha for bathing. After bathing, he saw Mudgal Rishi walking by chanting Gajanan,Gajanan. Dwiwar took out his sword to kill the Rishi. The moment he took out sword, the sword dropped down on the earth and he wanted to wipe out all the past sins. Mudgal Rishi told Dwiwar to recite ‘Shri Ganeshyay Namha’ till he revisits the place. The Rishi went away and Dwiwar started reciting the mantra by installing a stick on the place. Thousand year later, when Mudgal Rishi was passing through the same place, he saw the stick was converted into big tree and huge anthill was found below the tree. He heard the sound ‘Shri Ganeshyay Namha’. Rishi cleaned the anthill and found Dwiwar reciting ‘Shri Ganeshyay Namha’. Rishi sprinkled water from his kamandlu on Dwiwar body and body of Dwiwar got converted into lord Ganesha. The Rishi renamed him as Brushund Rishi and blessed him that the one who would take darshan, would get all the powers. Since then Brushund Rishi started living in the place.”

Story of Bhrushundi Ganpati

The story of Bhrushundi is found in the Ganesh Puran.
Long back in time, there was a place called Dandakaranya in Vidarbha.  Dandakaranya was surrounded by a very a dense forest.
In the forest hideout there lived a robber named Dvivar.
Dvivar was notorious for robbing and killing travellers. His ill actions continued for many years.
One day Dvivar was crossing the forest when saw a lake. He was tired and stopped by the lake to drink water and take bath. This lake was called Ganesh Teerth.
After taking bath, Dvivar got on his horse to leave when he heard some voice. He saw a Sage walking towards the lake with his copper pot. He was continually chanting the name ‘Gajanan ….. Gajanan’. He was Sage Mudgala.
Dvivar by his nature and deeds had become very outrageous. Seeing the sage, he flashed out his sword to kill the sage. However, that very moment the sword fell down heavily on the ground.
Dvivar was enlightened and realised how sinfully he had lived his life. He was stuck by the desire to eradicate all his sins. Humbled, Dvivar fell on the feet of sage. He admitted his sins and asked the sage to show him the right path.
Sage Mudgal asked Dvivar to chant the Mantra -‘Shri Ganeshaya Namah’ besides the lake. He asked Dvivar to continue chanting the Mantra until he returned.
Dvivar set his horse free. He took a sturdy wooden stick and rooted it near the lakeside. He sat besides the stick and began chanting the said Mantra. Soon he was completely immersed in the glory of God.
Years passed by. A thousand years passed by.
Dvivar continued meditating in all weathers. The stick transformed into the tree. Under the tree there was an anthill. The Mantra ‘Shri Ganeshaya Namah’  echoed from the anthill.
The sage cleared the anthill and saw Dvivar seated there in penance. The sage sprinkled holy water from his kamandalu on Dvivar and brought him to senses. He named Dvivar as Sage Brushund and blessed him saying, “One who would come to see you, would be bestowed with a powers”.
Sage Brushund came to live near the lake Ganesha Teerath. Presently, the place is popular as the Vidarba temple of Astavinayak.

Ashtavinayaks of Vidarbha

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