Bishop Cotton School, Sadar to start a CBSE pattern school in the Campus

Bishop Cotton School (BCS), Sadar was in news for Vikram Pandit, CEO Citibank who studied from here and achieved one of the topmost rank in an organization. It is one of the oldest schools of Nagpur. It is affiliated to the state board. Parents were crazy to get admission in this school till the 1990’s but now the admission rate has dropped due to craze for CBSE schools in the city. BCS has decided to start CBSE pattern school in the campus.

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Suicides becoming day to day affair. How to ease the stress ?

Open the morning news paper and your eyes get stuck on students suicide after exam results are out and during examination. Reason ? Stress. Did the stress never existed when out fathers or fore fathers studied or it has crept in now ? Stress always existed. Name any person in this whole world who never experienced stress in his life time. Stress is part and parcel of life. We need to deal with it and need to teach our children how to deal with it or lose our child to stress.

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Police personnel deployed near lakes to prevent suicide

It is a common incidence for students to attempt suicide as soon as the results get declared. It is very disheartening to know that today’s youth do not know how to cope up with the stress created by poor performance or less than expected results. City Police Chief, Ankush Dhanvjay has deployed police personnel near Gandhisagar, Telangkhedi, and Ambazari lakes to prevent suicides. They will catch someone who is trying to take his/her own life. The situation is really alarming as parents spend their hard earned money on their children and hence their expectations rises.

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2nd Annual Healthy Baby Contest 2012 on 22nd January at Tuli Public School, Nagpur

Tuli Public School, Nagpur is hosting 2nd Annual Healthy Baby Contest 2012 at the school premises from 9:00 AM onwards.

The event will have –

1)Fun games for Children and Parents
2)Personal interaction with Doctors
3)Tatoo and Nail art for Children
4)Dance Floor for Children
5)Food, Bakery stalls & Surprise gifts

Categories for Competition are –

0 – 3 Years age – Fancy Dress
3 – 6 Years age – Free style dance with props

Registration Forms are available at the School premises.

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Seminar is organized by Centre Point School, Nagpur for 10th, 11th, 12th students & Parents by P.K.Bansal on 14th January 2012

Directors, Centre Point School, Aruna & Arun Upadhyaya are organizing Seminar by P.K. Bansal. The seminar is for 10th, 11th, 12th students and parents. Seminar is on Ambition and Admission to IIT. P.K. Bansal is CEO Bansal Classes Pvt Ltd.

Registration is open and entree is free.

Venue : Centre Point School, Katol Road, Near Seminary Hills, Nagpur
Date : 14th January 2012
Time : 5:30 PM

Email : [email protected]
Ph : 0712-6565652
Mobile – 9689032270

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Nagpur City Hijras gear up for Corporation elections

It is great news that Nagpur city hijras are taking part in the corporation election. Rejected by parents then society with no one to help them and wipe off their tears, they know how to live life with their head held high. They have learned the art of living from day to day sufferings and dejected attitude of society. But yes they want to do something great for the society for which they are remembered and accepted by their parents.

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Stabbing of a girl, What is happening to Nagpur ?

I was heart broken to read the news that a 14 year old girl was stabbed at back by eve teasers. I just cannot understand what is happening to Nagpur. I always felt that the city was a safe place for girls. But this incident has changed my perception.

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After Senior B it was Junior B but now its is Beti B

Wow what a legacy. Such type of legacies can only be followed by bachchans. If you name senior B it means Amitabh Bachchan , Junior B is Abhisekh Bachchan and Beti B is daughter of Junior B who is yet to be named. The whole bachchan family is excited about beti B and they are still busy searching for the names.

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Tribal Ashramshala teachers on footsteps of Anna Hazare supporters

Over 50 Tribal Ashramshala teachers have gone on hunger strike till their demands were met, at RBI Square, Nagpur. These protesters represented teachers employed at ashramshala in Gadchiroli, Gondia, Bhandara and Chandrapur districts. These teachers were not paid salary since last 3 years. Ashramshalas are places in tribal area which gives food, clothes, shelter and books for school students.

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