Sari clad robbers loot house wife at Nagpur

After incidence of sari clad bahurupias at kalamna, it is sari clad robbers who raise the alarm. Two sari clad robbers looted a woman at Hewre Nagar on gun point by taking charge of her baby. They stole cash and gold jewelery.

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Dairy owner arrested for feeding drugs to cattle at Nagpur

A dairy owner at Satranjipura was arrested in a raid by FDA (Food and Drug Administrators) officials and police for injecting drugs in cattle to increase production of milk. The drug is banned as it is harmful to animals.

The drug is used to ripen fruits and used in women during labor pains. The dairy owner used it as he was not happy with the income so he used injections to increase his profit.

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Marriage bells causing traffic jam

With the advent of marriage season common public experiences traffic jam and and lots of chaos on the roads. People burn crackers on the road so it is difficult for the traffic to move ahead. Many people construct pandals on the road in their locality which causes lots of problems to the public as they need to change their travel route.

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Clear encroachments and get parking space

In a drive to provide parking space to Nagpurians Civic chief Sanjeev Jaiswal and Police Commissioner Ankush Dhanvijay have joined hands to take action against encroachers and provide parking space to people. Most of the time parking spaces are not available due to encroachments by daily vendors. These vendors block footpaths and parking space.

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10,000 students to attend traffic awareness workshop on 12th January 2012

10,000 students from 10th standard and junior college will attend traffic awareness workshop at Police Headquarter ground at Takli on 12th January 2012. The workshop will be conducted by experts from Police, Traffic and regional transport office (RTO).

The workshop will cover all safety measures which needs to be undertaken while driving and safety measures which needs to be taken to prevent any fatal road accidents. The workshop will highlight the use of helmet to protect any head injury.

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Stabbing of a girl, What is happening to Nagpur ?

I was heart broken to read the news that a 14 year old girl was stabbed at back by eve teasers. I just cannot understand what is happening to Nagpur. I always felt that the city was a safe place for girls. But this incident has changed my perception.

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