Tadoba tigers under threat from mushrooming coal mines

Coal mining is a big threat to the tigers residing in Chandrapur region of Maharashtra. Mining should be stopped near Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve ( TATR ) for the safety of tigers. Due to mining and construction of dams TATR may cut off from the adjoining forest where these wild beast moves. This will result in damaging the ecological system.

Tigers usually move from TATR to other forests, including Chaprala, Indravati, Bor and Navegaon-Nagzira. If these areas are used for mining it might pose a threat to wildlife.

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Biomedical waste in community bin. Who is responsible ?

After KRIMS it is Shanti Prabha Hospital staff which was caught dumping bio medical waste in community bin. A shameful act. These biomedical waste are hazardous to the environment and life. Hospitals being aware of this are still carrying on dumping their waste in city bins when NMC has deployed special vans for carrying these biomedical wastes daily.

Biomedical waste consists of used syringes, blood stained cotton and other medical equipments used in treatment. Now Nagpur Municipal Corporation health officials have issued notice to Dr Satyanarayan Agarwal. He has to respond within 24 hrs.

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Every Moment is different

Life is changing every moment. Are we all ready to accept the change and adapt to it. Changes are common in everyone’s life but what is most uncommon is how positive we feel about it. Sometimes its difficult and sometimes easy to accept changes but never impossible. Adidas says “ Impossible is nothing “. Great advertisement. Its says impossible word does not exists. We really have to adapt to changes and accept it. Its something which we have no control of.

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Life is not a Cake walk

Life is never a cake walk. Life gives us hope and courage to live. We experience both happiness and sorrows while moving ahead in life. They are two sides of the same coin. There is no single person who has not faced any problems while climbing the ladder of success. There are both joyful and sad moments in life but that does not stops us from living life to the fullest and give a full stop to our ambition. Everyone who has made it to the top had some exceptional qualities of fighting back and not giving in to failures.

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Ending life and ending the living world

Ending life had become so easy. Every day you wake up with a fresh mind and think of just glancing at the newspaper you get to read a lot of bad news. On first page so many people died in a terrorist attack or accident or the worst so many people murdered. It really pains after reading such news but yes the newspaper has no option but to print it. The person who was murdered had no option but to die but why we common people are adding to it by committing suicides. I know the person who decided to end his or her life must be facing the extreme situation of his/her life.

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Life is much more about adjustments than about relationship. Yeah I will explain you why. Whether we are single or married we have to adjust everywhere, be it parents, sister or spouse. Every relationship needs its own space and adjustments. Sometimes we adjust according to our own will but rest of the times we are forced to adjust as we have no option. Yeah I will site you an example – I have got a very busy husband and he always comes home late but I have to adjust and accept things rather than fighting.

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Trust the Foundation

Trust plays a big role in our life be it maintaining a relationship or friendship. Trust makes life meaningful because if we lose trust on on trust worthy person it hampers our emotions and our lost faith makes us sick and stressed. Always listen to your heart and gut feeling when some one speaks against a trust worthy person. Always keep your eyes and ears open because there are many out there who are jealous of you.

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Emotional Changes in a single Day

Life changes every moment. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. You live each minute and undergo emotional changes every minute, every second of your life. And you really really need to think twice before you react to anything because one wrong word and things may change their course for ever. Yeah believing few things is really difficult but you are not the only one to suffer there are other people too facing the same problem or much bigger problems then you. We sometimes complains to God that was i only left for all the problems.

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