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Ending life and ending the living world

March 5, 2010

Ending life had become so easy. Every day you wake up with a fresh mind and think of just glancing at the newspaper you get to read a lot of bad news. On first page so many people died in a terrorist attack or accident or the worst so many people murdered. It really pains […]

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Trust the Foundation

November 21, 2009

Trust plays a big role in our life be it maintaining a relationship or friendship. Trust makes life meaningful because if we lose trust on on trust worthy person it hampers our emotions and our lost faith makes us sick and stressed. Always listen to your heart and gut feeling when some one speaks against […]

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Kindness helps you live longer

February 10, 2009

A small act of kindness can bring a lot of difference in your life. You feel good and healthy as well as it gives you happiness and drives your life away from depression. Kindness shown to others keeps your heart healthy, releases good hormones and helps you in living a satisfied life.

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Medical Palmistry

December 25, 2008

Palmistry is a branch of Astrology, which was up until now looked upon as knowledge related to fortune telling handed down by our ancestors from generation to generation. However, from the medical point of view, now, Palmistry has emerged as a science in its own right that has helped doctors and patients alike in diagnosing […]

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indian Astrology

June 30, 2008

1) Introduction  1.1) Different styles of Indian Astrology 

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