44 kgs plastic bags less than 50 microns seized at Nagpur

Usage of plastic bags less than 50 microns has been banned all over India. The government has requested shopkeepers and the general public to use jute bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags. This initiative has been done to save our planet earth from polluting. The shopkeepers or local vegetable sellers keep plenty of plastic bags which are less than 50 microns as they are cheap and can help carry the sold vegetables.

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Encroachers back to business on City roads at Nagpur

Combined efforts of Police Chief Ankush Dhanvijay and sanjeev Jaiswal to make Nagpur city encroachment free have gone in vain due to lack of regular checks, encroachers are back to business at their own place. Many encroachers have again occupied footpaths and roads and are doing regular business. Hard work of NMC to clear these encroachments will go useless if all encroachers return and run their shops. Most of them are vegetable vendors and cloth sellers.

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Marriage bells causing traffic jam

With the advent of marriage season common public experiences traffic jam and and lots of chaos on the roads. People burn crackers on the road so it is difficult for the traffic to move ahead. Many people construct pandals on the road in their locality which causes lots of problems to the public as they need to change their travel route.

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NMC to take action against people stocking construction materials on the roads

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is in full action conducting anti encroachment drives and now seizing construction material lying on the roads. NMC will also impose fine on residents and builders for encroaching the land. A lot of construction material was seen lying on the road during the anti encroachment drive and so the decision to penalize the owners was taken. The construction material consists of bricks, sand, metal roads etc. These can cause accidents and even eat up space for movement of vehicle or walking space.

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Anti encroachment drive for commercial establishments

We have already heard of Nagpur Municipal Corporation anti encroachment drive to clean footpaths and roads to provide space for parking and walking. Now the demolition drive is against commercial establishments which have extended illegally in to public places and have extended their shop beyond limits by constructing shed and walls. The anti encroachment drive is supervised by civic chief Sanjeev Jaiswal and Police chief Ankush Dhanvijay. The walls and sheds will be removed and stern action will be taken against encroachers so that they do not encroach the land again.

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NIT and NMC collaborate to repair pot holes of city road

Nagpur Improvement Trust and Nagpur Municipal Corporation have collaborated to repair road from Automotive Square to Rani Durgawati square. The road developed large pot holes due to non maintenance since several years. The repairing of road is sure to provide relief to road users.

Repairing of roads would cost Rs 40 Lakhs. This is a temporary solution. For good strength the road needs to be resurfaced which will need Rs 3 Crores. Nagpur Municipal Corporation has approached the state government for funds.

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