Importance and Need for Finishing School

In this fast paced world i have seen people running after Engineering, Medical,Graduation Colleges and B- Schools but very few people are willing to invest in Finishing School. Now let me define what is a Finishing School ? Finishing School is a place which nurtures your skills and makes you more employable according to the needs of present business scenario. The duration of Course depends on the skills which you want to develop in you. Now the biggest question is do we lack these skills that we need to learn them from a Finishing School ?

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Nagpur to organize Dahi Handi celebration for Girls

First Dahi Handi celebration for girls is going to be organized at Nagpur by organizer Sanjay Kule, Congress activist on 10th August 2012. This is the first Dahi Handi celebration for girls in the city. Kule has also planned to create awareness about Female Feticide by distributing pamphlets during the program. Kule is going to send letters to B Ed Colleges, LED College, Engineering and Medical Colleges for participation. If none of them turn up the ladies congress activists will take part in the Dahi Handi Celebration on 10th August at Itwari

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MHT-CET results to be declared on 14th June 2012

Results of Maharashtra Health and Technology common Entrance Test i.e MHT-CET 2012 will be declared on 14th June 2012. Once the results are declared then the admission for Medical and Engineering will start. The final merit list will be declared on 25th June 2012.

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C-ELECT organizes Trinity 12 at Gurunanak Institute of Engineering & Management, Nagpur from 11th – 13th January 2012

Gurunanak Institute of Engineering & Management students under the forum C-ELECT organizes Trinity 12. Students of engineering and Polytechnic from all over Vidarbha and near by places are invited.

Three days event will host Android Workshop, Technical/nontechnical programs like Counter Strike, ADMAX, Robotrix

Website –

Email – [email protected]

Phone – Falak Sangani : 91-8793023932

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Proposal for opening 188 new colleges submitted to Nagpur University. What will NU do ?

Nagpur University has received fresh 188 proposals to open new colleges in the year 2011. The university is not able to sustain the burden of existing 810 colleges and addition of more colleges will only add up to the burden. Most depressing fact is many colleges belong to politicians and businessmen, they disregard rules and regulations , affecting standard of education in these institutions.

Management Council of Mumbai and Amravati University have taken a decision not to allow any new colleges for at least one year due to the current work load and vacancies.

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Current Education Employability Gap

The Education Employ-ability gap is a condition in which the educational system cannot keep pace with the industry requirements and a gap is created between the two. This increases risks of unemployment as there are very few candidates who are considered employable. According to Kapil Sibal, Minister for Human Resource Development India, vocational training should be introduced to meet requirements of Industry. The problem is technology is changing everyday but the syllabus is remaining the same. Students pursue MBA, Engineering etc to get good high paying salary.

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UnEmployed! Increase your Employment quotient

Every day new jobs are created and still we are facing the heat of unemployment. Have we ever thought of why ? Why are candidates not getting employed even after having a long list of degrees in their resume. Is there problem with the educational system ? Candidate ? or the company which is demanding too much ? Have we ever tried to answer these questions. Lets think about the problem and look at it from a different angle. Is the unemployed mass really employable ? If not what are the drawbacks ? We need to answer these questions or else the problem will keep on aggravating.

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