Nagpur to organize Dahi Handi celebration for Girls

First Dahi Handi celebration for girls is going to be organized at Nagpur by organizer Sanjay Kule, Congress activist on 10th August 2012. This is the first Dahi Handi celebration for girls in the city. Kule has also planned to create awareness about Female Feticide by distributing pamphlets during the program. Kule is going to send letters to B Ed Colleges, LED College, Engineering and Medical Colleges for participation. If none of them turn up the ladies congress activists will take part in the Dahi Handi Celebration on 10th August at Itwari

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Gandhibagh park losing its glory

Gandhibagh park which was a great place to play for children and morning walkers is now in shambles as there is no one to care for the park. The park was constructed in the year 1997 and NMC gave its maintenance work to Lotus Cultural and Sporting Association. They were allowed to charge Rs 2 as entry fees from any citizen and Rs 10 from couples. But now there is no one to look after the park.

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Encroachments killing Nagpur – Kalamna double line railway project

The divisional railway manager (DRM) of South East Central Railway (SECR), SL verma expressed his helplessness in implementing the Rs 21 crore double line project between nagpur and kalamna due to encroachments in the sanctioned land. He said that the project was approved in the year 2007 -2008 but could not be implemented due to … Read more

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