Suicides becoming day to day affair. How to ease the stress ?

Open the morning news paper and your eyes get stuck on students suicide after exam results are out and during examination. Reason ? Stress. Did the stress never existed when out fathers or fore fathers studied or it has crept in now ? Stress always existed. Name any person in this whole world who never experienced stress in his life time. Stress is part and parcel of life. We need to deal with it and need to teach our children how to deal with it or lose our child to stress.

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Traffic Park to educate traffic norms to children from 1st April 2012

Traffic park will educate children and youngsters traffic norms from 1st April 2012. It is a move to teach traffic rules to children and youngsters so that they are less prone to accidents. They will be taught about traffic light, zebra crossing, yellow lines and other traffic rules.

A traffic constable will be present in the park to teach traffic rules to children. It will be learning through fun rather than just remaining an entertainment park. Power point presentations will be shown to children to create awareness among them about traffic rules in the auditorium.

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2nd Annual Healthy Baby Contest 2012 on 22nd January at Tuli Public School, Nagpur

Tuli Public School, Nagpur is hosting 2nd Annual Healthy Baby Contest 2012 at the school premises from 9:00 AM onwards.

The event will have –

1)Fun games for Children and Parents
2)Personal interaction with Doctors
3)Tatoo and Nail art for Children
4)Dance Floor for Children
5)Food, Bakery stalls & Surprise gifts

Categories for Competition are –

0 – 3 Years age – Fancy Dress
3 – 6 Years age – Free style dance with props

Registration Forms are available at the School premises.

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CCTV cameras to be installed in the premises of Centre Point School

School authorities of Centre Point School has decided to install CCTV cameras in the school premises of all the three branches. This is to check the move of each and every student and stop bullying.

The decision was taken when 5 year old girl of std I complained of bullying by some senior students. The matter has been taken seriously by the school management and thus the decision of CCTV cameras.

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Gandhibagh park losing its glory

Gandhibagh park which was a great place to play for children and morning walkers is now in shambles as there is no one to care for the park. The park was constructed in the year 1997 and NMC gave its maintenance work to Lotus Cultural and Sporting Association. They were allowed to charge Rs 2 as entry fees from any citizen and Rs 10 from couples. But now there is no one to look after the park.

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