Criminal Face Detection system at Nagpur Railway station

The Central Railway is in the process of installing an integrated security system at Nagpur Railway station that will detect the faces of “wanted criminals”, and send alerts to security personnel at platforms “A modern integrated security system is being set up at the Nagpur station which will have a software to detect the criminals … Read more

Auto drivers strike on Thursday for mandatory installation of Digital meters

Auto rickshaw drivers went on strike on Thursday to show their displeasure against mandatory installation of electronic digital meters in new auto rickshaws from 1st March 2012 and installation of meters in all Auto rickshaw from 1st July 2012.

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Prepaid Autorickshaw Kisok at Nagpur railway station charging high prices

Prepaid Autorickshaw kiosk at Nagpur railway station are charging high prices from passengers. Previously the kisok was run in a very good manner and a lot of passengers preferred it as it charged right prices. But due to some dispute in the union running the centre it is getting chaotic for passengers as they are charging very high prices and even looting tourist who are not aware of the normal auto fare at Nagpur. The kisok is giving Kachhi chitthi inspite of a good receipt for boarding the autorickshaw.

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Explosives found at Nagpur Railway Station on 8th January 2012

40 low intensity explosives were found in green plastic bag on Sunday 8th January 2012 on Nagpur Railway Station. The green plastic bag carrying explosives was not detected by CCTV installed at the railway station. The bag was detected in routine check.

The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) brought the bag at GRP Nagpur Railway station to avoid any casualty at the main Station. Sniffer dogs confirmed explosives in the bag. Now the CCTV images would be checked out to find out the carrier of the green bag containing explosives.

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Eastern entrance of Nagpur railway station to be made attractive

Eastern entrance of Nagpur railway station is lying in a dilapidated stage and is considered dangerous by passengers to enter through that gate at night. As railway station speaks about the city and its culture, a lot of attention is being given to develop eastern entrance .

A facade will be constructed which will be 120 meters long and will have an orange on it. It will be a big move as it will make the eastern entrance passenger friendly along with the western gate.

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Rest in a Maharaja Retiring room at Nagpur Railway Station

The retiring room at Nagpur railway station will have a Maharaja feeling with clean rooms, good linen, good towel, good service, good food and many other upgraded facilities. Both A/C and Non A/c rooms will be upgraded to give the room new look and feel.

The plan includes modernization of facilities including bathroom and cooling. To hang paintings which gives the room a heritage look.

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