Illegal religious structures to get demolished in Nagpur

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is likely to demolish Illegal religious structures after getting directives from Supreme court. Illegal structures which disrupts smooth flow of traffic will be demolished. NMC has identified 1279 illegal religious structures of which it has decided to demolish 464 and fate of rest will be decided after receiving public opinion like suggestions and objections. Demolition of few structures might cause public outrage and make the situation tense so the decision to demolish them will be taken after getting public opinion.

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Explosives found at Nagpur Railway Station on 8th January 2012

40 low intensity explosives were found in green plastic bag on Sunday 8th January 2012 on Nagpur Railway Station. The green plastic bag carrying explosives was not detected by CCTV installed at the railway station. The bag was detected in routine check.

The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) brought the bag at GRP Nagpur Railway station to avoid any casualty at the main Station. Sniffer dogs confirmed explosives in the bag. Now the CCTV images would be checked out to find out the carrier of the green bag containing explosives.

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Nagpur Police getting vigilant on Hookah Joints and Pool Parlours

To stop Crime and more spoil brats in the city, Nagpur police will be conducting 3 times check on Hookah Joints and Pool Parlours. The checking will be done at noon, 4 PM and again at 8 PM at night.

This New initiative by the police department is to bring down crime in the city. It will regulate unhealthy idea sharing which leads to antisocial activities for fun, money or just time pass.

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