Nagpur Police getting vigilant on Hookah Joints and Pool Parlours

To stop Crime and more spoil brats in the city, Nagpur police will be conducting 3 times check on Hookah Joints and Pool Parlours. The checking will be done at noon, 4 PM and again at 8 PM at night.

This New initiative by the police department is to bring down crime in the city. It will regulate unhealthy idea sharing which leads to antisocial activities for fun, money or just time pass.

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National Thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC ) makes farmers rich

NTPC plant near Mauda makes farmers rich by paying them extra amount for land acquisition. Farmers received the rates which they demanded and they could purchase more land in the near by areas.

NTPC also promised to provide job to one family member whose land was acquired. Some farmers are happy after receiving the big money while rest are unhappy as they are yet to receive any money or are waiting for some more good things to happen with them.

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Positive thoughts Positive Actions

As we think so will be our behavior. There is a direct connection between our thoughts and action. If we think positive it will be displayed in our behavior and if we think negative and try to look positive that will also be displayed in our actions. I have seen people thinking negative and smiling in front of me and sometimes praising me but i know those words do not come from heart and you can easily make out how happy the other person is with your achievements. Its always better to be true to ourselves and never become a impostor. Have a positive frame of mind and think positive.

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Money and Power Craze

“Lust for anything is bad “ we all have heard this famous saying. But when it comes to practicing we usually forget what we have learned. Its useless to run after money. You do your work and cash will flow in. Don’t run after money because it will land you no where and at last you will be lost and will be left with nothing. On the other hand if you work hard and do your work things will go better day by day and you will add value to your life and you bank account will be flooded.

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