National Thermal Power Corporation ( NTPC ) makes farmers rich

NTPC plant near Mauda makes farmers rich by paying them extra amount for land acquisition. Farmers received the rates which they demanded and they could purchase more land in the near by areas.

NTPC also promised to provide job to one family member whose land was acquired. Some farmers are happy after receiving the big money while rest are unhappy as they are yet to receive any money or are waiting for some more good things to happen with them.

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‘Quality of Fill’ A new method of Recruitment

Employees are backbone of an organization. They make an organization succeed or fail. Recruitment is the process of tapping right talent for the Corporation. Companies have methods to recruit more effectively by measuring ‘time to fill’ and ‘cost per hire’. Time to fill is the time gap for recruiting the new employee and cost per hire is the cost incurred in hiring new employee. These methods help in measuring the employees performance to a small extent as it is followed just during hiring process.

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