Annual Commanders Conference of Maintenance Command of Indian Air force to be held from 9th to 10th July 2012

Conference of Indian Air Force Maintenance Commanders will be held at Vayusena Nagar from 9th to 10th of July. The program will be attended by Commanders of equipment depots, movement control units and Air Force liaison establishments. Air Marshal J Chandra will inaugurate the event on 9th July 2012.

The objective of conference is to assess performance of last year and set new milestones for the coming days. Trophies will be awarded to those who performed well in 2011.

Date : 9th – 10th July 2012
Venue : Vayusena Nagar

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Things to be kept in mind while designing role plays for training programs

Things to be kept in mind while designing role plays for training programs

Role play refers to changing of one’s behavior to assume a particular role. Trainers conduct role plays to give practical demonstration of what has been studied by the audience. The audience size may vary from 30, 60 to 100 or more. Form groups according to names of colors, seasons, months in a year or days in a week. Once done ask the members to sit in their respective groups. If a group contains 10 participants the trainer should be able to provide topics where whole group can participate.

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‘Quality of Fill’ A new method of Recruitment

Employees are backbone of an organization. They make an organization succeed or fail. Recruitment is the process of tapping right talent for the Corporation. Companies have methods to recruit more effectively by measuring ‘time to fill’ and ‘cost per hire’. Time to fill is the time gap for recruiting the new employee and cost per hire is the cost incurred in hiring new employee. These methods help in measuring the employees performance to a small extent as it is followed just during hiring process.

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Promotion Anxiety

Getting a promotion and not happy about it ? Facing sleepless nights ? Remaining restless ? You are probably facing promotion anxiety. Everyone works hard for good performance and to get promotion. There are few whose works gets recognized and their dream comes true. They are happy about it but after sometime feels out of place. They get demoralized and their performance deteriorates. This happens with almost every person leaving a few. There is nothing to worry. We have to take few measures so that we move out of that anxiety and not live in it.

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