Tips for using a Job site to find employment

Need a job ? Apply through job site. Gone are the days when candidates used to rush with their CV from one company to another looking for job. Now a days things have been made very easy. A job seeker can apply for job just at the click of a button. There are many job sites running online like,, – for experienced professionals and – for freshers. These job sites can be accessed by any candidate from anywhere. They should have a well prepared CV to apply directly through the website.

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Entrepreneurs life – Only Success and No Failures

We all dream of a life without failures and only success. But do we get that ? Is only success important and failures should be removed from dictionary ? Its very easy to fail than to succeed. We get “ F” on 6th position in the Alphabet series and “S” comes in 20th position. It means after failing one has to really work very hard to get success, travel the path difference of 12 alphabetical letters and get success. Then only we can enjoy the fruit of success.

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Bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug

An Entrepreneur is a person who follows a dreams and carve a niche for themselves in the society. Gone are the days when very few wanted to run a firm of their own. Now with the growing economy and liberalization the business scenario is much better than before. Its not necessary to be rich but one should know how to accumulate funds for setting and running the business. Its not necessary to posses a professional degree but a right attitude and skill set to run a business. Thinking should be big with efforts put in right direction to excel in any undertaking.

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‘Quality of Fill’ A new method of Recruitment

Employees are backbone of an organization. They make an organization succeed or fail. Recruitment is the process of tapping right talent for the Corporation. Companies have methods to recruit more effectively by measuring ‘time to fill’ and ‘cost per hire’. Time to fill is the time gap for recruiting the new employee and cost per hire is the cost incurred in hiring new employee. These methods help in measuring the employees performance to a small extent as it is followed just during hiring process.

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Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is the process of assessing the performance of an employee within a given time period by a Manager or supervisor. It helps in measuring the exact performance of the employee, his strengths and weaknesses and the required improvements.

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Getting a Promotion

Doing a good Job and not getting promoted ? Working hard and yet not getting recognized ? There is something which is seriously going wrong. Merely working hard or becoming a good worker will not get you promoted. There are few things which should be kept in mind while seeking promotion from your employer. Let us highlight them one by one.

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Women Entrepreneur

An Women Entrepreneur is a person who treads her own path and carves a niche for herself in the society. It takes a lot of guts and courage to become and entrepreneur. There are high risks involved and an unpredictable future. If its an woman she has to balance all fronts – her family, children, friends and Business or Enterprise. Its a big challenge for her. There are a lot of setbacks which she has to over come when she wants to do something of her own. She has to prove her self to her family then only she is allowed to move forward. Or else she has to fight for her rights and walk alone.

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Customer Service

Customer service has become a buzzword. Every company wants satisfied customers and they will employ every means to hold them. Gone are the days when very few top notch companies had customer service department. Now you will find almost every company having a customer care center or they hire one to know their customers better. Its very well said that “ Customer is King “. There fore its very much necessary to look in to each and every problem of customer. Its better to sell 100 products to 10 loyal customers then to sell 100 products to 100 new customers.

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Top Ten

India is no where in top 10 in patents filed as per report of WIPO where USA ,Japan and germany are in first 3 positions respectively and China ends up at 5th Position.Situation is really grim.This after 18 years of fraudulent liberalisiation in India and 60 years of independence. While on the other hand third rate Institutes are shouted as world class by our government and media and cunningly supported by Americans to keep us in cloud 7.

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