Personality Development training program at Nagpur Municipal Corporation for Auditors on 3rd and 4th December 2012

Rashmi Priya, Founder and Corporate trainer at Attitude School conducted personality development training program at Nagpur Municipal Corporation for Auditors of 6 districts of Vidarbha region on 3rd and 4th December 2012. Topics which were covered in training were Human Relations, Positive thinking, Self Image and Motivation.

On first day of training Human Relations and Positive thinking was covered and second day of training comprised of Self Image and Motivation.

The program was successfully conducted by her.

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3rd Mahalok adalat on 4th March 2012 to settle pending cases

3rd Mahalok Adalat to settle pending cases in Nagpur on 4th March 2012. Previous Mahalok Adalat had been a success. The best part is the verdict of Mahalok Adalat cannot be challenged in any court. A team of 75 panels of sitting judge have been formed to settle the cases.

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APJ Abdul Kalam visited Somalwar Nikalas School

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam visited Somalwar Nikalas School on the occasion of Centenary Celebration which will conclude on 27th December 2011. There was a gathering of huge audience to have a glimpse of missile man of India.

Ved Prakash Mishra, Vikas Sirpurkar (Retired Supreme Court Judge) , Vilas Sapkal ( Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University) were also present in the audience along with children and parents.

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Auspicious Day 11.11.11 or 11th November 2011

The Day marked as 11th November 2011 represents the Sun God and is auspicious for child birth and starting a new business venture. The belief is any person born on this date will have good health and gain good wealth.

This day is great for engagements and marriages. Others can attract goodness in their lives by chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri Mantra or any other Hymns of Lord Vishnu on this day.

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Entrepreneurs life – Only Success and No Failures

We all dream of a life without failures and only success. But do we get that ? Is only success important and failures should be removed from dictionary ? Its very easy to fail than to succeed. We get ā€œ Fā€ on 6th position in the Alphabet series and ā€œSā€ comes in 20th position. It means after failing one has to really work very hard to get success, travel the path difference of 12 alphabetical letters and get success. Then only we can enjoy the fruit of success.

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Successful Marriage

Yeah this is most discussed topic in today’s scenario especially when you have got a very busy husband. Our husbands are over burdened with work they leave home at 10 AM and are available only after 9 PM. How will a wife adjust, and especially when she has got a small kid at home crying all the time. The consequences are frequent quarrels and at last divorce. Is this the end of the problem ? No. Wives have got two options either adjust their life or end up the relationship. Ending a relationship is very easy but trying to maintain it is really tough.

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