Evening rains at Nagpur gave relief from Summer Heat

Rains on Sunday and Monday relieved Nagpurinas of heat which they were experiencing since a long time. After Naon tappa Nagpurians needed some relief from the hot weather. Relief came in the form of rains on Sunday afternoon and monday evening. No need to switch on the Air Conditioner or Air Cooler. The weather outside was cool and one could do just with Fans.

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Dink Couples

First of all let me explain the meaning of Dink – Dink means double income and no kids. In today’s scenario both male and females are walking shoulder to shoulder and females are giving a tough competition to the males. Its really thing of the past when females used to be only housewives confined to their home, depending on their husband for existence and had no say in family decision making process. Females have moved forward and have covered those extra miles which was needed for their growth. This independence has led to the change in males perception towards females.

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Life is much more about adjustments than about relationship. Yeah I will explain you why. Whether we are single or married we have to adjust everywhere, be it parents, sister or spouse. Every relationship needs its own space and adjustments. Sometimes we adjust according to our own will but rest of the times we are forced to adjust as we have no option. Yeah I will site you an example – I have got a very busy husband and he always comes home late but I have to adjust and accept things rather than fighting.

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Successful Marriage

Yeah this is most discussed topic in today’s scenario especially when you have got a very busy husband. Our husbands are over burdened with work they leave home at 10 AM and are available only after 9 PM. How will a wife adjust, and especially when she has got a small kid at home crying all the time. The consequences are frequent quarrels and at last divorce. Is this the end of the problem ? No. Wives have got two options either adjust their life or end up the relationship. Ending a relationship is very easy but trying to maintain it is really tough.

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