Second Love Life

You have always heard that we fall in love only once in life. But is it so ?

You have always heard that we fall in love only once in life. But is it so ? Do we never fall in love again in our whole life. Few love marriages have a very sad ending and others survive with all happy endings but there are many who live together with all differences and try to make up till the end of their life. We all fall in some or other category. But there are few moments in life when we really love someone and it feels good . Life seems cool again away from all tensions and pressures of daily life when you spend your time with some one who has given you a second reason to smile. You forget everything it happens with everyone. There is nothing wrong in having good close friends in life who are sharing and caring because you always need a friend to live your life. He may be in the form of a husband, your sisters brothers or anyone.

Many Love marriages have very disastrous ending and then we realize was it all worth to love someone for 10 to 12 yrs and then marry and end up the marriage. No it was not all worth. Its better to maintain a distance when everything goes wrong and topsy turvy. Try each and every means to maintain your married life. Have some special friends in life. Others may be suffering much more than you but they try each and every means for their marriage to succeed than why not you. Try changing your priorities and adjusting to new life because every day is a challenge as far as my experience says. Your cute boyfriend who has turned in to a husband will fight with you on each and every topic and things which were fine before will create problems now. Adjust and think what you should do. You are the best decision maker of your life. Always look for second opinion but trust your gut feeling it will never cheat you. The whole world seems ending and falling apart in front of you when your love fights with you every moment. You have to control your self and your emotions and live that day and again smile next morning because always remember God gives you the best and he takes the best decision for you and yes “ God sees the truth but waits “. Things will be fine and again there will a favorable morning for you both. You believe me or not but we do fall in love twice or more in life. It depends on us whether we give it a name or love the second love till the end of the life without expressing our emotions. But believe me it feels great and you enjoy every moment of it.

Life is worth living don’t let anyone play with your emotions.

Rashmi Priya

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