Trust the Foundation

Trust plays a big role in our life be it maintaining a relationship or friendship. Trust makes life meaningful because if we lose trust on on trust worthy person it hampers our emotions and our lost faith makes us sick and stressed. Always listen to your heart and gut feeling when some one speaks against a trust worthy person. Always keep your eyes and ears open because there are many out there who are jealous of you.

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Successful Marriage

Yeah this is most discussed topic in today’s scenario especially when you have got a very busy husband. Our husbands are over burdened with work they leave home at 10 AM and are available only after 9 PM. How will a wife adjust, and especially when she has got a small kid at home crying all the time. The consequences are frequent quarrels and at last divorce. Is this the end of the problem ? No. Wives have got two options either adjust their life or end up the relationship. Ending a relationship is very easy but trying to maintain it is really tough.

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Bachelors having Sex Partners

Its 21st century. Things are moving fast. Society has changed and so has the mindset of people. Hard core principle are same but with few modifications. There is better life and more open mindedness than before. People are having relationship other than marriage. Relationship such as living together has bloomed and even our topmost country judiciary i.e the Supreme court has given clean chit to the relationship and has given full rights to the girls who are involved in this relationship. They are given the same position as that of a wife.

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