Suicides becoming day to day affair. How to ease the stress ?

Open the morning news paper and your eyes get stuck on students suicide after exam results are out and during examination. Reason ? Stress. Did the stress never existed when out fathers or fore fathers studied or it has crept in now ? Stress always existed. Name any person in this whole world who never experienced stress in his life time. Stress is part and parcel of life. We need to deal with it and need to teach our children how to deal with it or lose our child to stress.

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Cold waves keeping Nagpur city temperature down

A good news for Nagpurians that the temperature this month will not rise beyond 40 degree centigrade. The temperature changes have been caused by Northern westerly winds. The temperature during day time is 40 degree centigrade but it falls drastically at night, especially in the morning before sunrise.

These temperature changes can make a person more prone to diseases. Nagpurians need to save themselves from changes in weather to stay healthy.

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Sun God taking rest this new year 2012

From 31st December 2011 the sun is hardly visible. It was raining on 31st night and nagpurians drenched themselves in rains while enjoying the new year party. On 1st January 2012 Nagpur experienced showers and it rained heavily in the night.

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