School Absenteeism increasing due to fluctuating weather conditions

The weather changes at Nagpur is really driving everyone crazy. The rise and fall of temperature and unpredictable rains is making nagpurians sick. The childrens are suffering a lot because it is quite common to catch a cold due to weather changes. Childrens are also catching Flu. The school timings are same as before and the mornings are colder which is the reason behind increased number of sick childs.

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Unpredictable weather of Nagpur

Nagpur is having a very unpredictable weather this year 2012. You never know when there will be rains, cold winds and hot weather. It was very sunny and hot yesterday but the weather is totally changed with clouds today i.e Wednesday on 8th February 2012.

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Sun God taking rest this new year 2012

From 31st December 2011 the sun is hardly visible. It was raining on 31st night and nagpurians drenched themselves in rains while enjoying the new year party. On 1st January 2012 Nagpur experienced showers and it rained heavily in the night.

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Winters getting colder at Nagpur with the approach of December

It is time to wear sweaters, jackets, gloves , scarf and shocks as the weather is getting cold. The market is flooded with variety of winter wears. Retail outlets like pantaloons and big bazaar are coming up with offers to sell their new collection.

There is increase in sale of cold creams like fair and lovely and ponds, warm inners like lux cozi and Amul. Moms are restricting their children from going out too late at night as they may catch cold.

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