Suicides becoming day to day affair. How to ease the stress ?

Open the morning news paper and your eyes get stuck on students suicide after exam results are out and during examination. Reason ? Stress. Did the stress never existed when out fathers or fore fathers studied or it has crept in now ? Stress always existed. Name any person in this whole world who never experienced stress in his life time. Stress is part and parcel of life. We need to deal with it and need to teach our children how to deal with it or lose our child to stress.

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AIPMT final exam on 1st April 2012

Students all over India and at Nagpur are preparing for the AIPMT final exam. The All India Premedical exam this year fell on Ram Navami day i.e 1st April 2012. The rising temperature at Nagpur may cause health problems so the aspirants are requested to take due care of their health and eat their breakfast before stepping out for examination. It is like healthy body will breed healthy mind. This will also save students from sun strokes. team wishes all aspirants All the best for their AIPMT exams 2012.

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