Dairy owner arrested for feeding drugs to cattle at Nagpur

A dairy owner at Satranjipura was arrested in a raid by FDA (Food and Drug Administrators) officials and police for injecting drugs in cattle to increase production of milk. The drug is banned as it is harmful to animals.

The drug is used to ripen fruits and used in women during labor pains. The dairy owner used it as he was not happy with the income so he used injections to increase his profit.

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Gandhibagh park losing its glory

Gandhibagh park which was a great place to play for children and morning walkers is now in shambles as there is no one to care for the park. The park was constructed in the year 1997 and NMC gave its maintenance work to Lotus Cultural and Sporting Association. They were allowed to charge Rs 2 as entry fees from any citizen and Rs 10 from couples. But now there is no one to look after the park.

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