Dairy owner arrested for feeding drugs to cattle at Nagpur

A dairy owner at Satranjipura was arrested in a raid by FDA (Food and Drug Administrators) officials and police for injecting drugs in cattle to increase production of milk. The drug is banned as it is harmful to animals.

The drug is used to ripen fruits and used in women during labor pains. The dairy owner used it as he was not happy with the income so he used injections to increase his profit.

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Women power rising in the festive season at Nagpur

Demand for gearless scooters ( driven mostly by women ) has raised at nagpur. The festive season has widened the gap between demand and supply. Motorcycles are less in demand. Gearless scooters are seen as a family vehicle. With the constant increase in petrol prices gearless scooters are being preferred by working people instead of car.

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