Biomedical waste in community bin. Who is responsible ?

After KRIMS it is Shanti Prabha Hospital staff which was caught dumping bio medical waste in community bin. A shameful act. These biomedical waste are hazardous to the environment and life. Hospitals being aware of this are still carrying on dumping their waste in city bins when NMC has deployed special vans for carrying these biomedical wastes daily.

Biomedical waste consists of used syringes, blood stained cotton and other medical equipments used in treatment. Now Nagpur Municipal Corporation health officials have issued notice to Dr Satyanarayan Agarwal. He has to respond within 24 hrs.

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NMC officials caught KRIMS hospital staff dumping Bio Medical waste in community bin

KRIMS hospital staff was caught red handed by NMC officials while dumping Bio Medical waste in Community bin. There are specific guidelines which has been issued by NMC ( Nagpur Municipal Corporation ) for dumping of bio medical waste but still such big hospitals are doing this cheap act of dumping hazardous waste material to the community bin.

Notice has been issued to Dr Arbat of KRIMS hospital. NMC can also impose a fine of Rs 10,000 for dumping bio medical waste in the community bin.

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