Stabbing of a girl, What is happening to Nagpur ?

I was heart broken to read the news that a 14 year old girl was stabbed at back by eve teasers. I just cannot understand what is happening to Nagpur. I always felt that the city was a safe place for girls. But this incident has changed my perception.

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Every Moment is different

Life is changing every moment. Are we all ready to accept the change and adapt to it. Changes are common in everyone’s life but what is most uncommon is how positive we feel about it. Sometimes its difficult and sometimes easy to accept changes but never impossible. Adidas says “ Impossible is nothing “. Great advertisement. Its says impossible word does not exists. We really have to adapt to changes and accept it. Its something which we have no control of.

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Experience change

Day to day changes happen in everyone’s life. Its all upon us how we react to changes and accept it in our life. Change is always for the good and yes this is also the new statement of Videocon that change is good. We are born in this world then we grow up , study and look ahead in life with new passion. We work hard to earn and have a better living in the future then we get married , have children and then again the same cycle continues.

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