Police personnel deployed near lakes to prevent suicide

It is a common incidence for students to attempt suicide as soon as the results get declared. It is very disheartening to know that today’s youth do not know how to cope up with the stress created by poor performance or less than expected results. City Police Chief, Ankush Dhanvjay has deployed police personnel near Gandhisagar, Telangkhedi, and Ambazari lakes to prevent suicides. They will catch someone who is trying to take his/her own life. The situation is really alarming as parents spend their hard earned money on their children and hence their expectations rises.

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10,000 students to attend traffic awareness workshop on 12th January 2012

10,000 students from 10th standard and junior college will attend traffic awareness workshop at Police Headquarter ground at Takli on 12th January 2012. The workshop will be conducted by experts from Police, Traffic and regional transport office (RTO).

The workshop will cover all safety measures which needs to be undertaken while driving and safety measures which needs to be taken to prevent any fatal road accidents. The workshop will highlight the use of helmet to protect any head injury.

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Ban on selling chinese Manja in the city

Chinese Manja has been banned for selling at Nagpur. The manja is glass coated and is not easily breakable thus it stays in the environment for long and causes lots of damage to our environment. Birds entangled in these manja dies as it cannot free itself. Sometimes these manja causes injury to human beings as they are very thin and not visible from a distance. This Season of flying kites is the time for all manja related mishaps.

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Welcome New Year 2012 with 50 special squads on street

To stop accidents, drunken driving, rash driving and stunts performed by youngsters, Ankush Dhanvijay, City Police chief has formed 50 special squads to prevent any unwelcomed behavior.

Ankush Dhanvijay has said that the appointed sqad will put law breakers behind bars for the whole night and they will be punished. This special action has been taken to avoid accidents which happens on new year eve due to drunken and rash driving. He also added that places like Sadar, Ambazari, Sitabuldi and Futala Talao will be under strict surveillance.

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