No full proof Anti-drunk driving campaign

Anti-drunk driving campaign launched by Nagpur Police to check drunken driving is full of flaws as they catch only two wheeler drivers leaving the four wheelers or showing leniency towards four wheeler drivers. This was exposed after a four wheeler teen drunken driver killed two ITI students.

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Increase cases of drunken driving on the day of Holi on 8th March 2012

Police Chief Ankush Dhanvijay has warned Nagpurians about drunken driving many times since the start of 2012. But on the day of festival Holi more than 500 cases of drunken driving were registered. The number has outnumbered cases of drunken driving on New year eve.

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Drunken police driver collides with a car

A drunken driver of police department collided with a waiting car at the traffic signal.

It is a difficult situation when rule makers become rule breakers and do such act. Drunken driving is banned and on the new year eve those who were caught had to pay a good penalty. The rules are only for the common man not the police department, such acts of negligence shown by them shows how easily they make rules and break them to give a clean chit to what ever they are doing.

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Celebrate New Year 2012 but with caution, says City Police Chief Ankush Dhanvijay

It is 30th December 2011 today and all the hotels are gearing up for new year party i.e 31st celebration party. The party will start from 7:30 PM onwards on 31st December 2011 and continue till 1st January 2012 morning. Keeping in mind the security of citizens and to avoid any unlawful activity city police is fully prepared to curb all non sense activities on new year night.

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Welcome New Year 2012 with 50 special squads on street

To stop accidents, drunken driving, rash driving and stunts performed by youngsters, Ankush Dhanvijay, City Police chief has formed 50 special squads to prevent any unwelcomed behavior.

Ankush Dhanvijay has said that the appointed sqad will put law breakers behind bars for the whole night and they will be punished. This special action has been taken to avoid accidents which happens on new year eve due to drunken and rash driving. He also added that places like Sadar, Ambazari, Sitabuldi and Futala Talao will be under strict surveillance.

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