Outstanding bills causing non functioning traffic signals at Nagpur

Various high traffic roads are facing traffic problems due to non functioning traffic signals. Decofurn Construction, the company entrusted with the work for maintaining all 142 signals at Nagpur has stopped maintenance work and installation of new signals due to outstanding payments. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) claims that Decofurn is not accepting payments. Whatever be the reason it is the general public who is suffering.

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Nagpurians to be fined for jumping Red Signal

Motorists crossing red signal or stop lines or engaged in rash driving will be fined Rs 600 by Traffic Police. The direction came from DCP (Traffic) Jivraj Dabhade. Anyone caught driving while speaking on mobile phone will also be fined as they put others life at risk. The offenders will be booked under section 184 of Motor Vehicle Act.

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Welcome New Year 2012 with 50 special squads on street

To stop accidents, drunken driving, rash driving and stunts performed by youngsters, Ankush Dhanvijay, City Police chief has formed 50 special squads to prevent any unwelcomed behavior.

Ankush Dhanvijay has said that the appointed sqad will put law breakers behind bars for the whole night and they will be punished. This special action has been taken to avoid accidents which happens on new year eve due to drunken and rash driving. He also added that places like Sadar, Ambazari, Sitabuldi and Futala Talao will be under strict surveillance.

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