Happy Makar Sankranti

Nagpurpulse.com team wishes all Nagpurians a Happy Makar Sankranti. This is a day to get together and celebrate this auspicious day by eating til & gur. It is a day to fly colorful kites and unite with all our friends and relatives.

It is very cold at Nagpur but the spirit of nagpurians is quite warm. Haldiram Sweets is flooded with til laddus and other til sweets. Children are busy flying kites and you can hear “Woh Kaat” from every corner. City hawkers are attracting the seasons customer by selling kites and manja.

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Ban on selling chinese Manja in the city

Chinese Manja has been banned for selling at Nagpur. The manja is glass coated and is not easily breakable thus it stays in the environment for long and causes lots of damage to our environment. Birds entangled in these manja dies as it cannot free itself. Sometimes these manja causes injury to human beings as they are very thin and not visible from a distance. This Season of flying kites is the time for all manja related mishaps.

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