Anil Deshmukh to Felicitate Kids NGO

A group of 40 School kids came together to form an NGO for doing some philanthropy work for the society. They started funding their work with what ever pocket money they had for the noble cause. On the occasion of World Blood Donor’s Day the kids NGO collected 120 bottles of blood.

Anil Deshmukh has promised to help them when ever they are in need and has also decided to felicitate them. Pathologist and owner of Lifeline Blood Bank Dr Harish Warbhe helped the kids organize the blood donation camp. He too praised the work done by kids.

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Nagpur City Hijras gear up for Corporation elections

It is great news that Nagpur city hijras are taking part in the corporation election. Rejected by parents then society with no one to help them and wipe off their tears, they know how to live life with their head held high. They have learned the art of living from day to day sufferings and dejected attitude of society. But yes they want to do something great for the society for which they are remembered and accepted by their parents.

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