Raghuji III, 1818-1853

When Appasaheb was arrested the Resident Mr. Jenkins decided to adopt Bajiba, the son of Banubai, as the successor to the Bhosle gadi. Banubai was the daughter of Raghuji II. The adoption ceremony was performed on 26-6-1818 and Bajiba was renamed Raghuji III. He was then only ten years old. It was the Resident who … Read more

Appasaheb Bhosle (1817-1818)

After Parasoji’s death, Appasaheb being the only heir to the Nagpur gadi his succession ceremonies were gone through quietly on 21st April 1817. The moment Appasaheb assumed charge of Nagpur he began to feel the weight of British supremacy which he had accepted by the subsidiary alliance. His efforts hereafter were directed to overthrow the … Read more

Parasoji Bhosle, 1816-1817

Raghuji II was succeeded by his son Parasoji in 1816. Parasoji was paralytic, blind and mentally deranged. His father’s efforts to improve him proved fruitless. Bakabai, Parasoji’s step-mother brought him to her palace and took charge of the administration with the help of Dharmaji Bhosle, Naroba Citanis and Gajabadada-Gujar. Dharmaji was an illegitimate son of … Read more

Paid Covid Vaccine for 18+ in Nagpur from June 1 | Nagpur News


There was shortage of vaccines for 18+ people in Nagpur. There has been some good news related to this. Three private hospitals in Nagpur will be offering paid vaccines from June 1, 2021. Wockhardt Hospital Kingsway Hospital American Oncology Institute At least two – Alexis Multispecialty Hospital and Spandan Diagnostic Centre — are set to … Read more

Annual Day of “Pranav” Celebrated

“Pranav Annual Day

“Pranav” Early Intervention Centre for Young Hearing Impaired Children an initiative of Sir Gangadharrao Chitnavis Trust organized its annual day function on 24th February, 2019 at Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur. Full video of the program Pranav Kids Annual Day was posted on YouTube channel of Centre and get the excellent number of views from … Read more

Coaching Classes for hearing impaired youths in Nagpur


Sir Gangadharrao Chitnavis Memorial Medical Research Trust in collaboration with C.P & Berar College, Nagpur is starting Coaching Classes of Bank associated with our loan vendors, find here, Railway and staff selection for Hearing Impaired Youth from 1st of October, 2018. Our objective is to train hearing impaired students on skills required for recruitment of … Read more

Bhadravati Ganesh Temple

Bhadravati Ganesh Temple

The Ganesh Puran gives an interesting tale of this temple, that it was built by a great Rishi, Gutsamad, who had invoked the blessings of Lord Ganesh and upon fulfilment of his wish, built this temple. Bhadravati is 24 km north of Chandrapur on Nagpur road Its architecture and archaeological remains refer the art of … Read more

Chintamani Ganesh Temple, Kalamb

Chintamani Ganesh Temple, Kalamb

Chintamani Ganesh Temple, Kalamb This is one of the eight Ashta-Vinayak temples of Lord Ganesh in Vidarbha and is known as Chintaman Vinayak. This temple, located on the Nagpur Yavatmal road is 40 feet below ground level. Kalamb is a village situated on the banks of the River Chakravarti. This village is popular for the … Read more

Balaji Temple

Balaji Temple The Balaji Mandir, Nagpur is one of the most popular temples of Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra. The deity that is worshipped in the Balaji Mandir of Nagpur is Lord Balaji, who is one of the most commonly worshipped deities of the entire country of India. The people having faith in the … Read more


Kamthi, previously known as Kamptee is small town located around 15kms from Nagpur city. Kamthi was founded in 1821 by the Britishers as military cantonment – it was named “Camp-T”