This resort, setup by a local builder Shri K.D.Padole, is located on Nagpur-Amravati Road off Bazargoan , about 35 kms. away. The resort setup, amidst green forest and hilly terrains is on of the popular places for picnicurs, which will be completing 3 years of its existance. The resort offer a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, country club and facilities for horse riding, elephant riding, birds santuary and water park. The beach house restaurant located amidst green hillock, provides place for over 100 guests. The restaurant serves snacks and Chinese food, Continental and Indian taste. An open air theatre having capacity of 400 persons is also available together with facilities for barbeque and kitchen. A wide lawn can be used for cultural programmes, marriage receptions where 600 people can be entertained. There are several slides and rides for amusement of children. 19 rooms are available for those who want to make a night halt.

Local contact address :
Starkey Point Resort,
Padole corner, 348, Great Nag Road,
Nagpur. Ph. 2748869,2746853.