The birth anniversary of Kavikuloguru Rabindranath Thakur will be celebrated by ‘Khanan’,  the creative Bengali journal of Vidarbha-Maratha, on the dawn of auspicious ‘Pachisey Baisakh’  on Thursday,  May 9th  2019. The programme will be held at sharp 6.30 AM in the morning  Repeat 6.30 AM in the morning on Thursday,  May 9th  2019   at  Rajaram Sitaram Dixit Library at Dharampeth, … Read more

Prof Thakurdas Bang to be awarded Nag Bbhushan

Prof Thakurdas Bang

Prof Thakurdas Bang has been selected for this year’s prestigious Nag Bhushan award. Prof Thakurdas Bang has been long time Gandhian and active freedom fighter. He was an active worker in Bhudan movement and leader in Jay Prakash Narayan’s revolutionary movement. Nag Bhushan award has been previously given to R K Patil, Nitin Gadkari, Bhante … Read more