A Multidirectional Finance Path: Opt for the apt one

Now that if you have steered your finance vehicle with my previous article, you must have come across the road with several directions. Which way to move and step ahead to reach to your final destination of your goal is a big question. After taking a dekko on various factors and the stepwise procedure to plan your finances, with this article, I would like to draw a sitemap of all paths with their ups and downs and how and when to lead your way to achieve your financial goals. 

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Investment Pick : NTPC

You see things and say ‘Why?’ but I dream things and say ‘Why not?’”

So let us start dreaming and give a thought to prove it. A good start of the week with an advise and suggestion from me every week for your secure future. So starting this week with my favourite company “NTPC” highlighting its history, fundamental and technical strategies, here an overview for you.

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