Raghuji III, 1818-1853

When Appasaheb was arrested the Resident Mr. Jenkins decided to adopt Bajiba, the son of Banubai, as the successor to the Bhosle gadi. Banubai was the daughter of Raghuji II. The adoption ceremony was performed on 26-6-1818 and Bajiba was renamed Raghuji III. He was then only ten years old. It was the Resident who … Read more

Appasaheb Bhosle (1817-1818)

After Parasoji’s death, Appasaheb being the only heir to the Nagpur gadi his succession ceremonies were gone through quietly on 21st April 1817. The moment Appasaheb assumed charge of Nagpur he began to feel the weight of British supremacy which he had accepted by the subsidiary alliance. His efforts hereafter were directed to overthrow the … Read more

Parasoji Bhosle, 1816-1817

Raghuji II was succeeded by his son Parasoji in 1816. Parasoji was paralytic, blind and mentally deranged. His father’s efforts to improve him proved fruitless. Bakabai, Parasoji’s step-mother brought him to her palace and took charge of the administration with the help of Dharmaji Bhosle, Naroba Citanis and Gajabadada-Gujar. Dharmaji was an illegitimate son of … Read more

Paid Covid Vaccine for 18+ in Nagpur from June 1 | Nagpur News


There was shortage of vaccines for 18+ people in Nagpur. There has been some good news related to this. Three private hospitals in Nagpur will be offering paid vaccines from June 1, 2021. Wockhardt Hospital Kingsway Hospital American Oncology Institute At least two – Alexis Multispecialty Hospital and Spandan Diagnostic Centre — are set to … Read more

Trillium Mall, Nagpur

Trilium Mall, Nagpur

Spread over a sprawling 3.74 lac square feet including 3 floors of shopping space, Trilium Nagpur will soon offer visitors a specially curated mix of over 70 brands across fashion, electronics, footwear, home needs, food and entertainment. The mall will be opening on 9th Aug 2019 at Medical SQ., Nagpur. The Mall is constructed very … Read more



The birth anniversary of   Kabikuloguru  Rabindranath Thakur was celebrated on the auspicious dawn of  ‘Pachisey  Baisakh’   by  ‘Khanan’ ,   the  creative Bengali Journal  of  Vidarbha and the recipient of legendary ‘Mahadiganta’ , ‘Premchand Munshi’ as well as ‘Little Magazine Library & Research Centre’ Awards, on Thursday, the  9h of May 2019,  at  Rajaram Sitaram Dixit Library of Dharampeth, Nagpur 440 010,  here. The programme was … Read more



Khekranala is a dam site situated in the Khapra range forest. This area is palm green and the finest natural and fascinating with a bracing climate and healthy environment around the year. The water reservoir is quiet and surrounded by thick forest on two sides. Khekarnala Reservoir situated about 30 Km from Savner. There is … Read more

Zilpi Lake

Zilpi lake

Zilpi lake a cool places to hangout in the outskirtts of Nagpur city. Zilpi Lake near mahagaon is a good place to go for a fun time , very relaxing and the area is beautiful



The birth anniversary of Kavikuloguru Rabindranath Thakur will be celebrated by ‘Khanan’,  the creative Bengali journal of Vidarbha-Maratha, on the dawn of auspicious ‘Pachisey Baisakh’  on Thursday,  May 9th  2019. The programme will be held at sharp 6.30 AM in the morning  Repeat 6.30 AM in the morning on Thursday,  May 9th  2019   at  Rajaram Sitaram Dixit Library at Dharampeth, … Read more

Annual Day of “Pranav” Celebrated

“Pranav Annual Day

“Pranav” Early Intervention Centre for Young Hearing Impaired Children an initiative of Sir Gangadharrao Chitnavis Trust organized its annual day function on 24th February, 2019 at Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur. Full video of the program Pranav Kids Annual Day was posted on YouTube channel of Centre and get the excellent number of views from … Read more