Life changing workshop at Nagpur

Evolve, Life changing workshop is being organized at Nagpur. The event starts from 15th January 2012 and is spread over a period of 10 weeks.

The program will cover the following topics –

1: Striking at the root
2: Act or be acted upon
3: Purpose
4: Time & Priorities
5: Relationships
6: Communication
7: Work-Life Balance
8: Money Matters
9: Spirituality & Excellence
10: Sharpen the Saw

For participating in the program contact –

M: 98 222 6 999 5 / 94 221 222 60

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Web 2.0 changing lives

Internet has become a big source of communication and with the advent of technological innovations knowledge sharing became easier. It increased the reach of common man to a vast knowledge base just with the click of the mouse. Previously it was one way communication but with web 2.0 technology its two way communication. Web 2.0 helps in networking, finding solutions to problems, share our ideas and views by means of blog and help in selling better.

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