Dr Gopal Arora gets Dr V K Chitnis Award

Dr Gopal Arora, a well known ophthalmologist, will recieve Dr V K Chitnis award from Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society (MOS). He is the first person from Vidarbha to receive this award. MOS consists of around 2500 ophthalmologists across Maharashtra state.

Dr Gopal Arora is also the director of Akshar Eye Institute, located at Indora Chowk in Nagpur

Dr V K Chitnis award is given in Maharashtra state to ophthalmologist who has contributed in clinical and scientific areas of Ophthalmology

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Datta Meghe Engineering College hosts Technocon-12 from 6th – 7th January 2012

Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering, Technology & Research of Wardha in association with Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) are organizing Technocon-12 from 6th to 7th January 2012.

Technocon-12 is a national conference on innovative trends for technology development. Participants will be from India and abroad. Many eminent personality of India will be participating in the 2 day event.

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