Food and Drug Association seized 1,500 Kg of Mangoes from Nagpur

FDA (Food and Drug Association) has seized 1,500 Kg of mangoes worth Rs 90,000 from kalamna Market, Nagpur. Previously Mangoes worth Rs 1 Lac were seized and destroyed by FDA officials as Calcium carbide was used to ripen the fruit. The chemical if consumed in large quantity can cause health hazards. The news was highlighted by team. This is second incidence in which FDA officials have caught traders red handed with mangoes ripened artificially using Calcium Carbide.

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E- waste management to start at Nagpur from 1st May

E-waste is Electronic waste which is generated by Television, Refrigerators, Computers and other electronic equipments. They are disposed by the general public along with normal waste. But a rule has been passed to take care of disposal of E-waste from 1st May 2012. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCP) and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has been given the task to dispose off E- waste in a safe manner from the month of May.

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