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Our day to day life is busy. With the advancement of new technology and new gadgets life is getting mobile. We browse news papers online when sitting for breakfast or when on our way to office. We all want to get recent updates of happenings in our city at the click of the button. It really gets difficult to browse newspapers and read the whole paragraph to get the message.

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Shoe powered Mobile charger

Walk and charge your mobile. Mandar Tulankar, invented how to charge mobile by using a shoe charger. Now he is setting up a manufacturing unit in Besa. At the beginning Mandar is planning to manufacture 600 soles fitted with the device and then scale up the production.

Mandar is planning to convert the shoe charger in to a wireless device. A person should carry two batteries. One which is getting charged and another in mobile and replace when the mobile battery is low with the charged battery in the shoe.

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