Energy drinks and powder not healthy

After carbonated drinks it is energy drinks which are proved not to be healthy by Health experts. The tall claims made by the company and advertisements are not true. They do more harm than good. These drinks cause harmful side effects in the long run. The artificial elements used in these drinks cannot replace the natural contents.

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Shantilal Kothari on hunger strike for lifting ban on Lakodi Dal across the country

Shantilal Kothari, President of Academy of Nutrition Improvement is going on hunger strike today (on the first day of the winter session of state legislative assembly) at Soyamilk complex sitabuldi for removal of ban on Lakhodi dal across India. He argues Lakhodi dal is nutritious when compared to other pulses.

Kothari says that the present generation should be taught to use forest products as they are healthy and advantageous to health.

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