Shweta Bhattad draws attention towards Social issues by innovative method

Shweta Bhattad of Nagpur is going to give live performance today by hanging from a height of 30ft, at the Chandrashekhar Azad Square, she would give a live performance of her art on a 40ftx20ft hoarding. Shweta will stitch the word “Vishwas” and the performance will start from 2 PM and continue till 10. She will give 25 more performances to draw attention of general public towards social issues. This is the new concept which she has developed.

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Jyoti Amge joins Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena

Jyoti Amge, world’s shortest woman joins politics and is ready to match shoulders with top notch politicians. She has her name registered in Guinness Book of World Records. Though she has a busy schedule with foreign trips and TV shows but she wants to join politics and serve Indians.

She has joined Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena (MNS) and has got big dreams and high hopes.

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