Colorful Shobhayatra at Nagpur on 1st April 2012

The aura of the city on Ram Navami was quiet different from other days. The city flooded with devotees, performing puja at temples and visiting places from where the Shobha Yatra would start its journey to travel in the city. First the puja is done and then the shobhayatra starts its journey.

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Happy Ram Navami to all Nagpurians

Ram Navami is celebrated to proclaim the birth of Lord Sriram. At Nagpur it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Jhakis of Lord Sriram,Laxman, sita, Hanuman and Several gods and goddess are taken out on the roads. The preparation for Jhakis start much before the start of Ram Navami. The moving vehicles carrying Jhakis attracts lots of devotees towards them. The music, prasad distribution and colorful lights change the mood of city and nagpurians on that day.

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Illegal pandals disrupting smooth flow of traffic

Illegal pandals that crop up in the city during festive seasons like Durga Puja, Ganesh Puja and Ram Navami disrupt the smooth flow of traffic and sometimes cause traffic jams. Anyone constructing arch or pandal on the road has to take permission from city police and NMC. But a lot of illegal pandals flock Nagpur city during festival and cause congestion on the roads. The city police is blaming NMC for not doing their work properly. The blame game is causing serious problems to people whose houses are situated near the arches or pandal as there is no smooth flow of traffic.

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