Non payment of water arrears will lead to water disconnection

In a recent move to collect water arrears Nagpur Municipal Corporation is taking harsh steps like disconnecting the water supply till bills are paid. This move is to raise funds and get the water bill paid by defaulters. In a recent incident water supply to house of newly-elected president of zilla parishad Sandhya Gotmare was disconnected.

Thus no one will be spared. It is time to clear all water bills and rest at peace or stay thirsty this summer till the water bills are cleared.

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Jan Manch takes an initiative to help birds in Summer

Jan Manch has taken an initiative to help birds this summer by providing them with food and shelter. They are selling wooden home at a discount so that residents in Nagpur can buy them and provide food and water to birds.

Most of the birds die in summer season due to lack of water and Jan Manch wants to raise the issue of extending a helping hand for the conservation of our aerial friends who gives beauty to the sky. If we all rise and help our aerial friends we can save their lives and conserve our environment.

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