Duronto to run daily from Nagpur to Mumbai from end of June 2012

Duronto which used to run thrice a week will be converted into a daily train. It is good news for Nagpurians as there was always a long waiting list in trains like sevagram and Vidarbha. Many people adopted other means of conveyance in the absence of confirmed ticket in trains.

Nagpur will soon be a clean train station where standardized methods will be used for cleaning trains. Water coolers have been installed at the railway stations which has been donated by NGO’s. It will be maintained by Railways.

Decision to run Duronto daily will sure bring smiles to all Nagpurians.

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Railway over Bridge (ROB) to be constructed between Anand Talkies and Vijay Talkies

Nagpur Municipal Corporation has started construction of railway over bridge between Anand Talkies and Vaijay talkies. The bridge is being constructed under the JNNURM scheme and is scheduled to be completed in June 2012.

The ROB will reduce traffic on Sitabuldi-Cotton Market square-Gandhisagar lake road. All vehicles including buses can pass through it. Work for bridge will progress according to schedule of train so that there are no trains passing under the bridge at the working time.

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Railway crossing turning into a place for accidents

The railway crossing at Manish Nagar is a constant place for accidents. Speeding vehicles just rush through when they find the railway gates open. The gate remains closed for most of the time due to passage of trains. When it gets open there is traffic jam as no one wants to wait and want to be the first to cross the gate. This leads to slow flow of traffic for 15 – 20 minutes before it is again time for closure of the gate. Trains have to wait for a long time before traffic gets clear.

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