Life is a mystery. Till the time you solve the mystery life comes to an end. We are born then we study, do job and finally marry. We live our life everyday whether we are a child ,mother, father or old. We go through hardships as well as good times. Life shows us all its colors in full bloom. When we are young and alone we search for a soul mate. We love someone and are ready to die for that person. We want to keep our lover happy. Movies, parties and late arrivals at home become more frequent. Parents interfere and we oppose.

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How To Install Divine LOVE…..

A call comes through on the customer service line.

Customer Service Rep: Yes, Ma’am, how can I help you today?

Customer: Well, after much consideration, I’ve decided to install divine love. Can you guide me through the process?

CS Rep: Yes, I can help you. Are you ready to proceed?

Customer: Well, I’m not very technical, but I think I’m ready to install now. What do I do first?

CS Rep: The first step is to open your HEART. Have you located your HEART ma’am?

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Its very important to tell your wife or your girl friend everyday that you love her. Life is such that we do all work and get bogged up in work so much that we forget to tell our loved ones that we love them. These 8 letter words are very important to tell everyday. You wife or your GF expects a lot from you. You may give her any number of gifts but until and unless you are expressive in love or your relationship it wont last for ever.

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God My saas hates me

Don’t worry be happy because you are not alone in the world, there are many like you. Saas are different mentality people and they expect so much that we bahu can never fulfill there dreams. They want that you should live according to them and not your own life. She will try to change you according to her and when you do not entertain her whims and fancies she will start hating you and will wish “ KAAS MERI BAHU MERE PASAND KI HOTI “.

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Never Marry A Software Engineer

Late timings and late night work will give the other person more pain than the working person. Your husband will never understand your feelings and emotions as he hardly gets any time to think about anything other than software. He thinks life too is a software and there is CTRL Z button to operate all feelings.

They are different mentality people and they just want to rise up the ladder of success and earn more and more money for their family but they forget that just rising up the ladder and earning money is not going to give happiness to their family. They need his time.

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Kindness helps you live longer

A small act of kindness can bring a lot of difference in your life. You feel good and healthy as well as it gives you happiness and drives your life away from depression. Kindness shown to others keeps your heart healthy, releases good hormones and helps you in living a satisfied life.

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Medical Palmistry

Palmistry is a branch of Astrology, which was up until now looked upon as knowledge related to fortune telling handed down by our ancestors from generation to generation. However, from the medical point of view, now, Palmistry has emerged as a science in its own right that has helped doctors and patients alike in diagnosing difficult diseases.

i) The benefits of Medical Palmistry are as follows:

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Blogging for career

As per definition on Wikipedia – A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.  

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