Kindness helps you live longer

A small act of kindness can bring a lot of difference in your life. You feel good and healthy as well as it gives you happiness and drives your life away from depression. Kindness shown to others keeps your heart healthy, releases good hormones and helps you in living a satisfied life.

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Medical Palmistry

Palmistry is a branch of Astrology, which was up until now looked upon as knowledge related to fortune telling handed down by our ancestors from generation to generation. However, from the medical point of view, now, Palmistry has emerged as a science in its own right that has helped doctors and patients alike in diagnosing difficult diseases.

i) The benefits of Medical Palmistry are as follows:

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Blogging for career

As per definition on Wikipedia – A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.  

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Investment Pick : NTPC

You see things and say ‘Why?’ but I dream things and say ‘Why not?’”

So let us start dreaming and give a thought to prove it. A good start of the week with an advise and suggestion from me every week for your secure future. So starting this week with my favourite company “NTPC” highlighting its history, fundamental and technical strategies, here an overview for you.

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Impulse Purchasers

Anyone can be an impulse purchaser. Impulse purchase is purchase of an item of good just by judging it at first instant. Its usually the women who are considered as impulse purchaser because they are the ones who likes to experiment the most and try new stuffs whether needed or not. Its not every time we buy a new product or article is needed we sometimes buy it because we like its advertisement being showcased on television or just for change of taste. The marketers usually design products and goods accordingly so that it catches attention of especially the women section.

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When you are Pregnant

Life really changes a lot when you are pregnant. It happens with everyone and you are not the odd one out. The atmosphere at home changes. You will receive frequent calls from your parents and in laws. Your husband gets more caring and is ready for help just at one call though he might have turned deaf ears to these things before. Your lovely, cute sweet and chirpy husband is there for help even at midnight. He will sleep only when you are asleep. You will experience morning sickness in first three months of pregnancy. Thats quite normal.

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Why a wife needs a cooperative husband

1)He is with you at all times both good and bad.
2)He is the most closest person to you so you can open your heart in front of him.
3)He is your stress reliever as you can share all tits and bits with him of office.
4)He takes care of you and gives you that cosy feeling.
5)He takes your responsibility when you really need someone near you.
6)You feel yourself at home because of him.
7)You dont miss your family much.
8)He stands with you when you really need moral support.

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